Pumpkin Art

Just a fun-filled day with Steven and Aaron making paper pumpkins in anticipation of Thanksgiving in the coming weeks. Happy holidays!  

Virginia Down Syndrome Awareness (DSA) License Plates

We need your help to bring this new Virginia DSA License plate to LIFE!   We are in the home stretch on this Down Syndrome Awareness License Plate campaign that has been underway for a few years now.  This is a revenue-sharing plate that will directly benefit individuals with I/DD in coming years. We need approximately 200…

Halloween 2018

We had some festive outfits this year and a great time with friends during our Halloween-Birthday celebration. We had music and dancing, cake, and costume contests. Overall, a fun time that we will never forget and a terrific start to the holiday season. Happy Halloween!

Day of Cooking #2

We had our second day of cooking today, and it was a great success. Our folks were able to mix, measure, and scoop the dough with little help to create delicious sugar cookies! We are proud of them for making such great strides in their abilities and we are excited to see what they can…

Heather’s 9/11 Presentation 2018

One of our beloved members at The Arc today decided to share a few words in memory of the tragedy that happened 17 years ago. She wants to remember the brave men and women who risked their lives to save others. Visit us on our Facebook page to watch the moving video and more! #acheivewithus

Day of Cooking

Today was our first Day of Cooking. We yearn for the possibility to teach our members basic life skills in ways that is is delightfully delicious! We had a group of people have access to a local kitchen to try their hands at making chocolate cake. With a little help from the staff, they were…

2018 Canteen Fall Schedule

The 2018 Canteen Fall Schedule has been posted! This gives people a great opportunity to enjoy the great outdoors one more time with family and friends before the chilling winter season. If you want a copy of the schedule yourself, check out our events page!

Arctoberfest Volunteers

Arctoberfest is right around the corner, and we need your help to make it happen! Follow the link below to Get Connected and sign up to volunteer. Our volunteer needs range from set-up, break down, game management, and beer/wine volunteers, so there is something for everyone! Details for each volunteer need is in the link.…

Drive for Inclusion

We are ready to roll! The Drive for Inclusion campaign has begun, and we are excited to give back to those who contribute so much to The Arc. Check out the details in the link below. If you would like to have your donation be in someone’s name, or to promote a local business, let…