The Arc reserves the right to change the nature of the benefits offered to employees, or to discontinue one or more benefits. Covered employees shall be notified of such changes or discontinuations as soon as practical.

Partial Payment of Medical Insurance

On the first of the month, following sixty (60) days continuous full­time employment, regular full­time (40 hours a week) and regular part-time (at least 30 hours a week) employees are eligible for insurance benefits. The Arc pays 70% toward the cost of the employee’s health insurance through The Arc’s insurance provider. The employee share of health insurance premiums is deducted from pre­tax payroll income.

Paid Vacation

Employees are eligible for vacation after having completed six (6) months of employment.  Vacation leave shall increase with the number of years employed.  (See Vacation Leave section in these policies).

10 Paid Holidays per Year

Employees may use sick/personal or vacation days to observe and be paid for religious holidays not included in the regular holiday schedule.  (See Holiday Schedule section).

Life Insurance

The Arc pays for $25,000 in coverage for employees under age 65 ($16,250 age 65 or over). and $10,000 is matched through a Harrisonburg Chamber of Commerce and Anthem partnership. $2,500 for spouse.

401K or Comparable Plan

Employee contributions with no employer match.

Disability, Wellness, Cancer Prevention, and Additional Life Insurance

Available through AFLAC and deducted from pre­tax income as allowed by IRS regulations.  The full cost is borne by the employee.

Agency Paid Membership

Membership in The Arc of Harrisonburg and Rockingham, The Arc of Virginia, and The Arc of the United States are provided for all employees.

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