This policy applies to staff, contractors, interns, and certain volunteers of The Arc as determined by the immediate supervisor.

The situation may arise wherein a passenger being transported in one of The Arc’s vehicles may become unruly, destructive, or even violent.  This distraction to the driver and other occupants is deemed an emergency in that it can cause an accident or harm to the occupants, and must be responded to immediately and accordingly.


The following actions must be taken by the Driver, the Transportation Coordinator, Supervisors, and Management as outlined below:


  • Notify Transportation Coordinator (only if safe to do so without risk to yourself) using codes or text message if required for safety purposes, that a dangerous person is on the vehicle; if possible, include location of vehicle If safe to do so, pull the vehicle off the road and open doors, preferably in a public and well-lit location.
  • Look for an opportunity to escape the vehicle, and if safe to do so, assist other passengers in getting off the vehicle.
  • Call 9-1-1- for First Responders if Transportation Coordinator cannot be immediately reached.
  • If unsafe to evacuate the vehicle, try to remain calm, cooperate with the dangerous individual(s) and await arrival of the First Responders.

Transportation Coordinator:

  • Receive notification of dangerous person on vehicle and make the decision to contract REACH or 9-1-1.
  • Contact First Responders with information on location of vehicle and description of dangerous person(s) including information regarding any mental, intellectual or developmental disability.
  • If communication from the Driver discontinues, do not repeatedly attempt to re-contact the Driver.
  • Contact the Supervisor
  • Contact Management


  • Locate the vehicle (if position not given by Driver – either Transportation Coordinator log, AVL, etc.). Do not approach the vehicle.
  • If situation on vehicle is ongoing and perceived as dangerous, do not approach vehicle, but contact First Responders and report back to Transportation Coordinator as to the situation.


  • When it is safe to do so, send a backup vehicle and Driver to the impacted location.
  • Assuming the Driver is not injured in the incident, pull Driver out of service, complete appropriate documentation and ensure Driver and participants receive the opportunity for counseling.
  • Debrief key officials and stakeholders upon resolution of the incident.

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