All employees shall perform their duties in compliance with all federal, state, and local statutes, and in accordance with the guidelines set forth below:

  1. Employees shall be alert in all business transactions to avoid even the appearance of misconduct, personal or financial gain, or a conflict of interest.
  2. Employees are prohibited from accepting personal favors and/or benefits under any circumstances which may be reasonably construed as influencing the employee’s activities.
  3. Any staff member intending to accept additional employment opportunities outside of their employment with The Arc shall inform the Executive Director of such intent. Such employment shall not create a conflict of interest or the impression of a conflict of interest and cannot negatively impact performance of the employee’s current duties.
  4. Employees shall conduct themselves in a positive and courteous manner toward participants, participants’ families, other employees, an all other persons associated with The Arc.
  5. The marketing of services to the general public, funding agencies, and individuals with disabilities shall be appropriately and accurately represented.
  6. Visitors to the offices and programs of The Arc shall be treated with respect and dignity.
  7. Confidentiality shall be honored for all participants, families of participants, and public and private recipients of services of The Arc.
  8. To maintain a professional relationship between staff and participants, and out of concern for any potential conflicts of interest or appearance of conflict of interest, The Arc discourages personal relationships between staff and participants outside of our programs.

Suspicions of any violation of this Code of Ethics shall be reported to The Arc Executive Director and/or President. Confirmed violations shall be grounds for dismissal.

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