If You Are Injured at Work

For emergencies call 911 or go to the nearest hospital.

Otherwise report the injury to your supervisor, then seek treatment from one of the doctors or clinics listed below.


Medical Providers

Sentara RMH Medical Center

2010 Health Campus Dr.

Rockingham, VA 22801



MedExpress Urgent Care – Harrisonburg

1840 E Market St. Suite A

Harrisonburg, VA 22801



Patient Care Plus

42 Lambert St Suite 111

Staunton, VA 24401



Page Memorial Hospital

200 Memorial Dr.

Luray, VA 22835


Workers’ Compensation Insurance

The Arc provides a comprehensive worker’s compensation insurance program at no cost to employees.  The program covers any illness or injury sustained in the course of employment that requires medical, surgical, or hospital treatment.  Subject to applicable legal requirements, workers’ compensation insurance provides benefits after a short waiting period or, if the employee is hospitalized, immediately.

No matter how minor an on-the-job injury may appear, all employees shall be required to undergo a post-accident drug-screening immediately following an alleged injury as required by the insurance policy/carrier.

Employees who sustain work-related injuries or illness shall inform their immediate supervisor immediately and an accident report shall be filled out as soon as possible.  This will enable an eligible employee to qualify for coverage as quickly as possible.

Neither The Arc nor the insurance carrier shall be liable for the payment of workers’ compensation benefits for injuries that occur during an employee’s voluntary participation in off-duty recreational, social or athletic activity sponsored by The Arc.

The Arc will report the injury to the insurance carrier within ten (10) days of notification of the accident.  The insurance carrier will then notify the Worker’s Compensation Commission.

NOTE: The employer’s report of accident is not the filing of a claim for the employee.

Workers’ Compensation Qualification

Employees are entitled to receive compensation benefits for an “injury by accident” or an “occupational disease” if:

  1. The accident occurred at work or while working off-premises or during a work-related function other than voluntary participation in off-duty recreational, social or athletic activity sponsored by The Arc;
  2. The accident was caused by a specific work activity;
  3. the accident happened suddenly and at a specific time. (Injuries incurred gradually or from repetitive trauma are not covered, although certain diseases caused by repetitive trauma are covered.);
  4. The disease was caused by work;
  5. It is not a disease of the back, neck or spinal column.

Once qualification is established, employees shall select a physician from the panel provided by the insurance carrier. The physician shall not be changed without permission from The Arc, the insurance carrier, or after a hearing by the Workers’ Compensation Commission.

When to file a claim

According to state law, employees must file a workers’ compensation claim within two (2) years of the accident or from the date a physician indicated the disease incurred resulted from work and one (1) year in case of death.


Temporary Total Disability (TTD): If the disability exceeds seven (7) days, the employee will receive benefits of sixty-two and two-thirds percent (66.7%) of their average weekly wage, not to exceed the maximum state rate for up to a five hundred (500) week maximum.

Temporary Partial Disability (TPD): The employee will receive 66 and two-thirds percent (66.7%) of the difference between the average weekly wage before the injury and the amount they are able to earn after the injury for up to a five hundred (500) week maximum.

Permanent Partial Disability (PPD): PPD is payable after the completion of the TTD benefits and will be paid simultaneously with temporary partial benefits.  There is a five hundred (500) week maximum, and if combined with temporary partial payments, each combined payment counts as two (2) weeks of compensation.

Termination of Benefits

Termination of workers’ compensation benefits will occur when:

  1. Employee returns to pre-injury work;
  2. Employee has been released to pre-injury work by a treating physician;
  3. Employee returns to work light duty;
  4. Medical records indicate disability is unrelated to the work accident;
  5. Employee fails to report to an employer-requested medical examination or otherwise refuses to cooperates with medical treatment;
  6. Employee fails selective employment within his physical capabilities;
  7. Employee refuses to cooperate with Vocational Rehabilitation.

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