Special Leave

Special leave without pay may be granted at the discretion of the Executive Director (or in the case of the Executive Director, the Board of Directors).

Family Leave

The Arc shall provide up to 12 weeks of unpaid family leave for the birth or adoption of a child. Any insurance benefit shall continue to be in force during this leave period but the employee shall pay all premiums and expenses for benefits. The employee shall be allowed to return to the same or similar position at the same salary as earned prior to the leave.

School Conference and Activities

An employee is entitled to up to eight (8) hours non­paid leave during the school year to attend a child’s school conferences if this activity cannot be scheduled during non­working hours. The employee shall provide reasonable notice to minimize any disruption resulting from the employee’s absence. Vacation or Personal Leave may be used for this absence.

Jury Duty

Employees called for jury duty shall receive the difference between their regular pay and the amount received from the court for jury duty for time served during normal working hours. If the jury does not convene on the employee’s regularly scheduled workday, the employee is expected to report to work. The official voucher showing the date and time served and the amount of compensation received shall be forwarded to payroll no later than ten (10) days after returning to work.

Court Appearances

If an employee is subpoenaed to make a single day court appearance during work hours on behalf of The Arc, the employee is to receive regular pay. If an employee is subpoenaed for a matter unrelated to The Arc or on behalf of another employee of The Arc, the employee is expected to use his/her own vacation or personal leave. Employees shall give their supervisor a copy of the summons upon receiving the summons.


Polling stations are open from 6:00 am until 7:00 pm. Employees are expected to vote during their non­working hours.

Military Leave

An employee called up to active duty is allowed an unpaid leave of absence to meet military responsibilities. Upon honorable discharge from active duty, the employee shall be reinstated to the same job formerly held, with the same duties, same level of pay, benefits and seniority she/he would have had without being on active military duty. Employees on their annual two-week reserve or National Guard duty shall be considered on an excused leave of absence and may elect one of the following options related to their pay:

  • Take vacation and retain their military pay
  • Surrender their military pay to The Arc, receive their regular salary
  • Take unpaid leave and retain their military pay

Bereavement Leave

Employees shall be granted up to three (3) working days a year with pay due to a death in their immediate family (parent or foster parent, sister, brother, spouse/partner, children, in-laws, grandparent, and grandchildren). Employees may use Personal Leave or Vacation for additional bereavement leave. The Arc reserves the right to request verification of relationship, death, and distance traveled before paying Bereavement Leave.

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