Performance Improvement Planning is a process designed to correct employee performance problems and behaviors that adversely affect the performance of others or the efficiency of the workplace. The process refers to the following steps which may be repeated, omitted, or taken out of sequence:

Step 1 — Oral reprimand documented in writing

Step 2 — Written reprimand with reference to previous corrective action

Step 3 — Suspension without pay

Step 4 — Discharge

For any corrective action, there shall be a meeting between the employee and the supervisor to discuss the specific performance/behavioral expectations of the position that the employee failed to meet. It shall also be clearly established that the employee shall work on correcting the problem within a defined period of time.

Documentation of the corrective action shall be signed and dated by the supervisor and the employee. A copy of the corrective action documentation shall be given to the employee, and a copy shall be placed in the employee’s file.

The employee’s signature on the documentation of corrective action does not indicate agreement with the action taken but merely acknowledges receipt of the corrective action. If the employee refuses to sign the corrective action, it shall be documented by the supervisor that a copy was given to the employee but he/she refused to sign.

Except for serious offenses, the progressive corrective action shall not be advanced to the next step if six (6) months or more have elapsed since the previous corrective action. However, the employee’s prior performance improvement record is not erased, but is to remain in the personnel files.

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