Agency equipment and supplies shall be used only for business purposes unless otherwise authorized by the Executive Director or an immediate supervisor.  This includes personal use of agency computers and other electronic devices.

Touch screen computers and IPads in the program area are for participant use.  These devices shall be for the express use of participants, and all shall have the appropriate safeguards installed.

Employees may have limited use of agency computers for personal matters as long as:

  1. computer use occurs outside of business hours,
  2. the computers are not in use for other program activities,
  3. no software or hardware is added, removed, or modified,
  4. no blocked sites are accessed and,
  5. such use does not in any way harm the computers or reflect poorly on The Arc.

There is to be no personal use of agency iPads, cell phones, other electronic devices, vehicles, program or office supplies, or donated items that can be used by The Arc.

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