This policy applies to staff, contractors, interns, and certain volunteers of The Arc as determined by the immediate supervisor.

The purpose of this policy is to promote the safety of employees and volunteers when using personal vehicles for The Arc’s business.

All staff or volunteers driving a personal vehicle for any of The Arc’s related business shall maintain a valid driver’s license, insurance, and must operate the vehicle in a safe manner at all times.


  1. Driving records must remain within the insurance carrier’s guidelines for continued employment or assignment in positions with driving duties. Employees and volunteers who do not maintain acceptable records will not be allowed to drive their personal vehicle on The Arc’s business.
  2. All employees and volunteers driving on The Arc’s business must maintain a valid driver’s license and insurance on all vehicles they drive. Any change in the status of their driver’s license or insurance must be reported to their supervisor immediately and prior to driving on The Arc’s business.
  3. Employee/volunteer insurance serves as primary coverage with The Arc’s insurance being secondary. The Arc’s insurance would be excess only for liability. Physical damage to an employee/volunteer vehicle while driving on official The Arc’s business, is not covered by The Arc’s auto insurance.
  4. The personal vehicle used must be properly maintained and in safe mechanical condition as required by law.
  5. The driver and all passengers must wear seat belts at all times. No vehicle should be operated when the number of occupants exceeds the number of passenger restraints available.
  6. Drivers shall obey all applicable traffic and parking regulations, ordinances, and laws:Employees and volunteers who incur parking or other fines while on The Arc’s business are personally responsible for payment of such fines.
    1. Employees and volunteers who are issued citations for any offense while driving on The Arc’s business must notify their supervisor immediately when practicable, but in no case later than 24 hours. Failure to provide such notice may be grounds for disciplinary action.
    2. An employee or volunteer who is arrested for or charged with a motor vehicle offense for which the punishment includes suspension or revocation of the motor vehicle license while on The Arc’s business, must notify his or her supervisor immediately when practicable, but in no case later than 24 hours. Conviction for such offense may be grounds for loss of privilege to transport The Arc’s clients and/or further disciplinary action.
    3. Any driver who is involved in a motor vehicle accident while on agency business involving personal injury to any party shall notify his/her supervisor immediately. If the accident involves property damage only, the driver shall notify his/her supervisor upon return to the work location.
  7. The driver shall not talk on his/her cell phone, text message or operate any electronic equipment while driving the vehicle. If the driver receives a call, or message and needs to make a call, or send a message, he/she shall park the car in a safe location to receive or make a cell phone call or send a message.
  8. Eating and drinking while driving a vehicle can cause driver distraction. As with using a cell phone, the driver must park in a safe location to consume food or drink.
  9. Arc service recipients are prohibited from eating or drinking in Arc vehicles or an Arc employee’s vehicle due to choking hazard and the potential inability of the driver to stop in time to administer aid.
  10. Weapons (guns, knives, sharp objects etc.) shall not be carried in an employee’s personal vehicle which is being used to conduct Arc business or in Arc-owned vehicles.
  11. All drivers must make the Transportation Coordinator and immediate supervisor aware of any OTC and/or prescription medications being taken.
  12. The mileage rate is full reimbursement for the cost of operating the vehicle, including fuel, maintenance, repairs and both liability and comprehensive insurance.

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