A personnel file shall be maintained in The Arc office for each employee.  Each file must contain at least the following information:

  • Employment application and/or resume including:

– identifying information

– education and training history

– employment history

  • Employment Eligibility Verification Form I­9
  • Results of reasonable efforts to secure job-related references and reasonable verification of employment history
  • Results of the required criminal background checks and searches of the registry of founded complaints of abuse and neglect of persons
  • Job description
  • Documentation of orientation, training, and staff development
  • Results of any provider credentialing process including methods of verification of applicable professional licenses or certificates
  • Signed acknowledgment of receipt of personnel policies and procedures
  • All performance evaluations
  • Any status or classification change
  • Letters of praise or criticism
  • All Performance Improvement Plans and disciplinary action (if any)
  • Records of adverse action by any licensing and oversight bodies or organizations (if any)

Employees have the right of access to their personnel files at any time with reasonable notice during normal business hours.  The records shall be viewed in the presence of the Executive Director or his/her designee.  There shall be mutual agreement to correct or remove information from the record. An employee may attach an explanatory statement to any disputed document in the file.

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