The employees of The Arc are our greatest assets.  For The Arc to accomplish its goals, we must attract, motivate, develop and retain qualified employees.  To assist in this effort, we set forth the Human Resources policies in this handbook to provide a framework to help us all work together productively and creatively, in an environment that gives every employee the opportunity to be successful and contribute to the mission of The Arc.

The Arc intends to administer human resource policies in a manner that complies with the letter and spirit of all applicable federal, state and local regulations. This document is a set of informal guidelines designed to provide guidance to staff regarding human resource practices. It is not a part of any contract between The Arc and its employees.  No person at The Arc, other than the Executive Director, is authorized to enter into an employment contract.  Notwithstanding anything that may appear in this Handbook or any other publication, employment with The Arc is on an at-shall basis, which means that the employee has the right to terminate the employment relationship with The Arc with or without reason at any time, and the Arc has the right to terminate its employment relationship with the employee with or without reason or notice at any time except for reasons prohibited by law.

Employees are expected to abide by and support these policies in their work with participants, parents, agencies, and the general public. All employees shall receive a copy of these personnel policies and procedures.  A signed acknowledgement of receipt shall be maintained in the employee’s personnel file.

If you have any questions as to the interpretation or application of any specific section of the Employee Handbook, or any other matters that have not been covered herein, consult with your supervisor, or the Executive Director, as appropriate.

These policies are fully amendable by the Board of Directors and may choose, from time to time, to supplement, modify or eliminate any of the benefits, work rules and policies including those in this Handbook.  The Arc reserves the right to exercise its discretion to make such changes, deletions, or additions unilaterally.  As changes occur, you shall generally be notified in writing and within a reasonable timeframe. Written acknowledgement of receipt of the revised sections shall be signed for on the provided form, or a facsimile of the form, in the last section of this policy manual.

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