This job procedures policy is designed to protect The Arc of Harrisonburg and Rockingham’s (The Arc) continuity of operations when an employee is absent, unable to fulfill the obligations of their position, resigns, or no longer employed (termination or death), as applicable.   Having access to an individual’s job procedures will ensure that their duties are carried out in a timely and efficient manner in absence of the incumbent of that position.

This policy applies to staff, contractors, interns, and certain volunteers of The Arc as determined by the immediate supervisor.


It is the responsibility of all designated incumbents to clearly and precisely record all the steps to be taken to successfully perform their duties as assigned and keep them updated accordingly.  For example, there will be times when licensing policies change that may affect an incumbent’s duties, or simply an incumbent might be given additional duties, or a procedure may be improved upon, and so it is very important that when these changes occur, that their Procedures document be updated.  This documentation is to be kept in a packet along with a copy of their Position Description, with a complete copy to be kept by the incumbent, and in addition, a complete copy kept with the incumbent’s immediate supervisor.

Individual Job Procedures Packet

The job procedures documentation packet shall contain in depth detail of step-by-step descriptions of the daily duties, as well as long-term requirements (i.e., once a month, every 60 days, quarterly, annually, etc.).  The packet should also include any sample forms or other documentation that pertains to the position.

The incumbent’s supervisor shall provide the level of detail they feel is applicable to be kept with the packet.

The supervisor shall review these procedures with the incumbent once quarterly to ensure that everything is up-to-date, and for any changes they feel need to be implemented at that time.  The incumbent and supervisor shall sign the required job procedures certification form to be kept in the incumbent’s Personnel Records.

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