Seclusion, restraints, or other forms of physical control are not to be used. “In-house Suspension” may be allowed in The Arc Executive Director’s office or other quiet space once the participant is calm enough to be escorted.

Staff shall deal with misbehavior of Participants in accordance with the severity of the problem as follows:

Handling Inappropriate Participant Behavior

  • Staff shall tell the participant what behavior needs to be stopped, explaining how the behavior is causing a problem, if appropriate.
  • Verbally encourage the participant into moving out of the area until the behavior has stopped. Once the participant has calmed down, he/she may resume normal activities.
  • If the above method is inappropriate or does not control the behavior, staff is to walk with the participant to The Arc Executive Director’s office.
  • If the participant is sent home, make sure the caretaker has all the details of the incident.
  • An Incident Report form shall be completed and placed in the participant’s file.
  • If necessary, arrange a meeting of appropriate individuals to initiate a behavioral program to add to the participant’s Individual Service Plan.

Handling Dangerous Participant Behavior

  • The closest staff member shall try to persuade the participant to leave the work area and try to calm the participant.
  • If the participant shall not leave the area, staff shall remove the other Participants as unobtrusively as possible. A minimal number of staff shall attempt to calm down the disruptive participant. If the participant becomes calm and willing, a staff person and the participant shall leave the work area to deal with the situation.
  • If the situation does not improve, appropriate authorities shall be called to deal with the participant.

In the event of a dangerous situation, the participant is to be sent home. A meeting shall be scheduled with the participant’s caregiver and appropriate CSB and human rights staff to draw up a behavioral program which shall be implemented before the participant can return to the program.

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