Adult participants are not to be treated as if they are children.

Employees of The Arc are expected to foster the rights of the participants including those rights as are documented in the Code of Virginia.  Participants’ rights include:

  1. Possess all legal rights given by state and federal law.
  2. Be informed about their program and any changes to it.
  3. Help to decide their services and ask for changes when they feel the services shall be changed.
  4. Be treated with respect and not be abused by others with words or actions.
  5. Go to the doctor of their choice unless it is an emergency or work-related injury.
  6. Have access to their records, except those given to The Arc by other agencies, unless a doctor or psychologist has written that you cannot see them.
  7. Not have others look at their records, except staff or agents of The Arc and state or federal government personnel conducting audits, unless they have given written permission.
  8. Not have staff members talk about them outside the Arc without written permission.
  9. Not have staff talk about them in from of them or reprimand them in front of others.
  10. Be paid for all productive work they do.
  11. Contact a lawyer, case worker, or advocate if they think their rights have been denied or violated.

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