This policy applies to staff, contractors, interns, and certain volunteers of The Arc as determined by the immediate supervisor.


It is desirable for The Arc to project a competent and professional image to the public, and to ensure safe and sanitary conditions for employees and the people we support.  It is therefore necessary that all staff members maintain good housekeeping in order that business is conducted efficiently, the spread of illness/infection is prevented and to project a positive image.

  1. The physical environment, design, structure, furnishings, and lighting shall be appropriate to the individuals served and the services provided.
  2. The physical environment shall be accessible to individuals with physical and sensory disabilities, if applicable.
  3. The physical environment and furnishings shall be clean, dry, free of foul odors, safe, and well-maintained.
  4. Floor surfaces and floor coverings shall promote mobility in areas used by individuals and shall promote maintenance of sanitary conditions.
  5. The physical environment shall be well ventilated. Temperatures shall be maintained between 65° F and 80° F in all areas used by individuals.
  6. Adequate hot and cold running water of a safe and appropriate temperature shall be available. Hot water accessible to individuals being served shall be maintained within 100°-110° F.  If temperatures cannot be maintained within the specified range, the provider shall make provisions for protecting individuals from injury due to scalding.
  7. Lighting shall be sufficient for the activities being performed and all areas within buildings and outside entrances and parking areas shall be lighted for safety.
  8. Recycling goods shall be rinsed clean and recycled promptly.
  9. Recycling, composting, and trash shall be disposed of so as not create a nuisance, permit transmission of disease, or create a breeding place for insects or rodents. Trash is to be removed daily.
  10. Goods shall be stored in plastic ware in lieu of cardboard boxes which are breeding places for insects.
  11. Smoking is not permitted in the company of service recipients or in the service environment.
  12. Cleaning and sanitizing supplies shall be readily available in all restrooms and program areas.  Hand soap and paper towels shall be readily available.
  13. Working surfaces in the program areas shall be cleaned at the end of every work day, and supplies and materials stowed away in their proper area. Floors will remain clear of any tripping hazards at all times.  Tables shall be wiped down with sanitizing wipes.
  14. Handwashing after each bathroom use is mandatory. Staff shall be responsible for their own handwashing and ensure the handwashing of Service-Recipients.
  15. Boxes of facial tissue will be readily available for use of all staff and Service Recipients.
  16. Proper cough-shielding techniques will be employed by all staff and Service-Recipients.
  17. Due to the health concerns of many Service-Recipients, employees are not permitted to report to work ill. Service-Recipients and employees will be sent home with a temperature of 100 degrees or more or other symptoms of illness i.e. vomiting, sore throat, congestion. Service-Recipients who are ill shall be isolated from other Service-Recipients until pick-up.
  18. Fire extinguishers shall always be in working order and readily available.
  19. Electrical outlets shall not be overloaded. Electrical cords shall not pose a tripping hazard.
  20. Any spills shall be immediately wiped away from any surface. Spills that are wiped from floors shall display a “wet floor” sign until the surface is dry.
  21. All hallways and exits shall remain unobscured.
  22. Use of devices with lithium ion batteries is prohibited.

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