Sick and Personal Leave is granted for sickness of the individual employee, his or her spouse/partner, children, or other immediate family members. Sick and Personal leave can be used for: dental; medical, or other appointments that cannot be scheduled outside of work hours; snow days (see Inclement Weather Policy); and bereavement leave not covered under the Bereavement Leave Policy (see Bereavement Leave Policy).

Full-time employees earn up to twelve (12) sick/personal days per year. Sick or personal leave is accumulated at the rate of one (1) workday per month (8 hours for a 40-hour workweek beginning with the first full month following 90 days of employment. A maximum of 36 workdays (288 hours per 40-hour workweek) may be accumulated.

Due to the health concerns of many participants, employees are not permitted to report to work ill.  Employees who do so shall be sent home.  Employees shall therefore allocate their leave time wisely so that they have adequate sick days to cover their illnesses.

Agency van drivers shall notify their supervisor by 6:15 AM when they shall be absent due to illness. Other employees shall notify their supervisor by 8:00 AM.

If requested by a supervisor, an employee who is absent more than three (3) consecutive days for illness may be asked to provide documentation from the treating physician. Failure to present such a document on request may disqualify the employee for Sick and Personal Leave allowances and may result in corrective action.

Repeated sick leave abuse and misuse shall result in corrective action up to and including termination.

Compensation for unused Sick and Personal Leave shall not be made to employees who leave Arc employment.

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