Termination of employment is an inevitable part of personal activity within any organization and many of the reasons for termination are routine. Below are examples of some of the most common circumstances under which employment is terminated:


Non­exempt employees who wish to terminate their employment are asked to give at least two (2) weeks advance notice, in writing, to the Executive Director.  Exempt employees are asked to give four (4) weeks of notice. The Executive Director shall give notice to the Board of Directors. In some cases, the employee’s resignation shall be accepted effective immediately. At the time of the effective date of the resignation, the employee shall be able to use or be paid for any accrued vacation leave.

Job Abandonment

Any employee who fails to report to work for three (3) consecutive work days without notifying his/her supervisor shall be considered to have voluntarily terminated his/her employment. The supervisor shall attempt to contact the employee by phone first, and lastly by registered letter with a return receipt requested, notifying the employee of termination.


Program changes, loss of financial supports, or any other reason may make it necessary to initiate layoffs. Except in unusual circumstances, temporary and probationary employees shall be laid off prior to regular employees. Regular employees shall be provided advance notice or pay in lieu of notice as follows:

  • Hourly paid employees: two (2) weeks
  • Salaried employees: one (1) month


Voluntary employment termination initiated by the employee meeting age, length of service, and any other criteria of retirement from the organization.

Inappropriate Behavior or Unsatisfactory Performance

Discharge may result for reasons, including, but not limited to:

  • Refusal to do work as reasonably expected
  • Wrongful use of or taking of agency property
  • Destruction of company property
  • Falsification or alteration of records (to include employment, time sheet, payroll)
  • Conviction of a felony
  • Sleeping on the job (recurrent)
  • Fighting on the premises
  • Insubordinate or inappropriate behavior
  • Uncooperative behavior or negative attitudes that affect the work morale of others
  • Violation of any written policies or practices of The Arc

Employees who are discharged for job abandonment, inappropriate behavior or any unsatisfactory performance as listed above, are ineligible for rehire.

Terminated employees are required to turn in all company property, including ID, keys, uniforms, tools, electronic equipment, etc., prior to the date their final paycheck is issued.

All eligible employees shall be paid for their accrued vacation upon termination no later than the next regularly scheduled payday. Accrued sick leave is not paid upon termination.

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