Employees who are eligible for benefits are eligible for vacation after having completed six (6) months of employment. Vacation Leave pay is payable upon voluntary termination with proper notice (see termination policy). Vacation shall be taken within the twelve­month period in which it is earned. Pay is not available in lieu of vacation.

Vacation leave shall increase with the number of years employed as follows:

  • 5 days between 6 months and 12 months of continuous service from date of hire.
  • 10 days per year after 1 year of continuous service from date of hire.
  • 15 days per year after 5 years of continuous service from date of hire.

Employees shall submit their vacation schedule to their supervisor.  A request for a single day of vacation requires only a one (1) week notice.  A minimum of two (2) weeks of notice is required for a longer vacation. Vacations shall be scheduled so as not to overlap with another employee’s vacation or times of peak workloads.

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